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May 2019

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Jun 2016

Academic Publications

Feb 2019
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(Under Review)

Of Blackouts and Bandhs: The Dynamics of Disconnected Protest in India

Disconnective Action: The Dynamics of Mass Protest in Communication Shutdowns

The Digital Dilemma in War and Peace: Determinants of Network Interference


May 2018 | RightsCon | Disconnected

April 2018 | Theorizing the Web | Disconnective Action

April 2018 | Midwest Political Science Association | Disconnective Action

March 2018 | Internet Law Works-in-Progress | Disconnective Action

February 2017 | International Studies Association | Digital Dilemma

Dec 2017 | Internet Governance Forum | video | report

2011-2017 | Various


I have taught a variety of classes in several languages, both offline and online. Most focus on technology, globalization, and politics from an international perspective. Below is a sample lecture from an online course, discussing the competing political trends of liberation technology and technology of repression.

Note: the Prezi does not display correctly on smartphones.

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